Sunday, October 11, 2009

Bon Appetit !

So....we all know that my cooking skills are a little less than....well.....we'll just say they aren't your average culinary masterpiece. Some of my most memorable cooking experiences include: crunchy noodles in pasta salad, and burning rice crispy treats. Yes, I said it. I BURNT rice crispy treats. Don't ask how that happened. I tend to blame the A.D.D. It's not ALWAYs inedible though. I can bake pretty well, I'm great with a crock pot(but who isn't right?), and I can whip up some pretty tasty meals every now and then. Let's face it though, after a while the same meals get old. So this month I have decided that I'm finally going to learn how to cook some new things. I found a month-long meal plan that I'm going to try to follow. It has tons of things that I've never cooked I'll be able to learn all kinds of fun stuff. Kenny will be my taste tester.(He can't wait...haha)
Today was day 1. The meal was Tilapia with peppers and olives. The whole fish thing worried me a little, because I never cook fish. Love seafood. Just can't cook it. Go figure that day 1 was Tilapia. I didn't even know if I liked tilapia...much less know how to cook it. But that's why I'm doing this right? So I cooked it, and believe it or not, it actually turned out to be pretty tasty. I've even included a picture for you. The first is the picture from the recipe of how it's supposed to look. The second is the picture I took of the finished product.

Pretty good if I do say so myself :) I was just proud that I didn't ruin it. It even got the thumbs up from I guess this one will be added to the recipe book. Bon Appetit!

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Our New Niece

So we've decided to stay in South Carolina for a while. I started school here in August, and turned my application for the nursing program last month. So right now I'm finishing up a few prerequisites, and we're crossing our fingers that I get to start the program in January! Hopefully we'll find out within the next month or so. We're missing our families, but looking forward a warmer winter here in the South.
Last week we flew out to Utah to meet our new niece Brylee Jaye and spend some time with our families. We are so excited to have this new little sweet spirit in our family! She is a cute girl....and she has already decided who her favorite Aunt and Uncle are. (See below) ha ha.

While we were there BYU had a Kenny got to go with his dad. It is the only one he'll get to go to this season, so he had to take advantage of it (and the magic cookie bars his mom makes for every game....mmm)!

Overall it was a good trip though....we ate a lot, hung out with our families, and watched a lot of "Grey's Anatomy" (we're finally caught up now!) It was nice to be off of work and relax!

At the park with the Gardner's

Monday, August 10, 2009

Almost a year later..... I started this blog almost a year and forgot about it almost immediately. I told myself I'm not really a blogger at heart. But Kenny and I were looking at Charis and Craig's blog and we were really bored. So I decided to go ahead and update ours. So here goes.....
Right now we are living in Beaufort, SC (my home town) working for the Summer. We've both been enjoying the beach and the warm weather and we've even thought about staying a little longer than the summer. I guess we'll see what happens!

About 2 weeks ago Kenny and I celebrated our 1 year anniversary. I surprised Kenny with a trip to Florida. I packed all of his stuff and packed up the car without him even knowing. He was completely surprised! While we were there we went to St Petersburg and Orlando. In St. Petersburg we went to the beach and Kenny got to swim in clear water for the first time ever. Then we drove back up to Orlando and spent a couple days there.
Our first night someone rear-ended us and the scion got totalled. It was a sad day! But luckily no one got hurt. We tried not to let it ruin our trip. The rest of the time we went to Wet N Wild and a few other places. Kenny even got really brave and went on the Sky Coaster and the Slingshot with me. He is now an adrenaline junky! I love it!